A sprawling region caught between the southern nations of Taldor’s old empire and the northern lands ruled by the Linnorm Kings, Varisia has long been considered a backwater. Only in the past few hundred years have the nations of the Inner Sea turned their attention to Varisia, and they’ve found a land ripe for exploration – something the Varisian people have known for thousands of years, yet have long maintained their silence about.

Although a relatively large stretch of Varisia has been settled by Chelish colonists and Varisian natives, the fact remains that this region is still primarily a dangerous wilderness. Legendary monsters, ranging from sinister local stories on up to regional tales of terror have given the wilderness a singular menace, yet they are not as stark a reminder of the region’s dangers as the numerous Thassilonian monuments that still dot the land. Built by armies of stone giant artisans under runelord command, these monuments were preserved and protected by magic.

Notable Locations:

Sandpoint (Starting Location)


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