Goblin Tribes

Information passed on from Shalelu Andosana:

There are five major goblin tribes in the Sandpoint region. Usually they squabble among each other, but recently they seem to be working together, brought together by a “big boss.” Current events point to Nualia Tobyn or Tsuto Kaijitsu as said “boss”, but this has not been confirmed.

The five major tribes are:
Birdcrunchers: the least aggressive traditionally, these goblins live in caves along the western edge of the Devil’s Platter.
Licktoad: Residing in the Brinestump Marsh south of Sandpoint, excellent swimmers.
Seven Tooth: In Shank’s Wood to the east. Raid Sandpoint’s junkyards to build piecemeal weapons and armor.
Mosswood: Largest tribe, held back by feuding families within their own ranks.
Thistletop: Live on the Nettlewood coast.

Goblin Heroes:
Rendwattle Gutwad

Goblin Tribes

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