Foxglove Manor

Ancestral home of Aldern Foxglove, Foxglove Manor , also known as “the Misgivings” by locals, is a dilapidated mansion southwest of Sandpoint along the Lost Coast in Varisia. Local rumor spoke of a family tragedy that had befallen the Foxglove family decades ago, and hauntings of the location ever since. Aldern had returned to the house recently to refurbish it, but had been having a difficult time convincing locals to take the job.

As the party discovered, the local superstitious held more than a touch of truth. Thanks to a failed attempt at lichdom, Vorel Foxglove, the house’s original owner, turned the entire structure into his own phylactery. The house became infested with numerous spirits, each more dangerous than the last. These spirits caused the haunted to experience visions of murder and horror that had occurred in the house in the past.

- Vorel Foxglove, the house’s original owner, attempted to achieve lichdom decades ago. His resulting death created a horrible spore in the house which killed his wife and daughter and infested the building with the haunts.

- Later, Aldern Foxglove’s father, Traver, brought his family to the house. His wife, Cyralie, died by being set on fire and jumping from the attic window to the sea below, and Traver took his own life by slashing his throat. Aldern and his sisters were sent off to be raised by distant relations in Korvosa.

- Aldern returned to the house recently. He murdered his wife, Iesha, and stashed her in the attic, where she rose as a vengeful revenant. The why and for who are still being investigated by the party.

Aldern defeated and Vorel’s spores destroyed, the house has returned to its non-supernatural self.

Foxglove Manor

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