Rise of the Runelords

The End of the Murders

A Brief Summary

- Fighting their way through the ghouls, the party also took down four ghasted goblins.
- Following Iesha Foxglove’s trail, they find her in a laboratory with Aldern, where he transforms into three separate personalities.
After the conflict that followed, Iesha took the killing blow to her husband. Her vengeance sated, she fell to the ground, dead once more.
- After the defeat, Aric consecrated the fungus that still vaguely held the shape of Vorel Foxglove, destroying it and effectively cleansing the house of his phylactery.
- A note on the desk written to Aldern from someone calling themselves Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven, speaks of meeting “the Brothers” at Aldern’s townhouse in Magnimar, and the delivery of the spores harvested from the caverns, likely in the form of the caged rats upstairs.
- Returning to Sandpoint victorious, the party sets their sights on Magnimar…



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