Orik Vankaskerkin


Orik Vankaskerkin is a down on his luck mercenary from Riddleport. After a scam involving a tiefling prostitute, a shifty alchemist, and an elixir of love, Orik was forced to flee town. He’s pretty sure that Clegg Zincher, the now-dead alchemist’s brother, still carries a grudge for what Orik did when he discovered, to his horror, that the elixir was actually cheap ale laced with lavender. While Orik bears no regrets for murdering the alchemist, he does regret the fact that Clegg effectively made it impossible for him to live in Riddleport. He misses his hometown greatly, and has several half-formed plans to return there someday to face Clegg and perhaps seize control of Zincher’s power for himself.

But doing something like that requires allies and money, and when a strange but beautiful woman approached him to be her bodyguard, he accepted without question. Since then, and since helping plan the assault on Sandpoint, Orik has come to think that his allegiance to Nualia Tobyn may just be the latest in a long string of bad decisions. The raid on Sandpoint left him conflicted, since on his one visit to the town several months ago, he found the place rather friendly and charming. When the group met him, he was waiting for something — anything — to develop so he could take his final payment and get out.

That changed, though, with the appearance of the party. After coming to the aid of Bruthzamus, Orik dropped his weapons. The group allowed him to live, accepting his help in taking down Nualia in exchange for his life. Indeed, he did pull his weight, striking down Nualia’s yeah hound in the heroes’ final confrontation with the demonic cleric.

Following the defeat of Nualia, Orik was allowed his freedom by the Sheriff. His current location is unknown, but it is assumed that he has returned to Riddleport.

Orik Vankaskerkin

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