Rise of the Runelords

Murder at the Mill

Log Splitters, Ghasts, and a Necromancer

- Some time after the defeat of Nualia Tobyn at Thistletop, the party (now minus Laerwen Ruasan) were approached by the sheriff, who requested help on a series of murders.

- Three bodies were found two days ago, and two more were discovered that morning. All bear similarities to the series of murders during the Late Unpleasantness. A note left at the scene also connected the killer to Riona.

- The scene of the latter two murders, the Sandpoint Lumber Mill, showed signs of a ritualistic murder, with one of the two victims bearing the seven-pointed star found on a amulet worn by Tobyn, and recognized by Kestral as a symbol of Thassilonian origin.

- Signs also pointed to undead being used in the murder, possibly a ghast.

- After interviewing the person who came upon the crime scene, as well as speaking to a local sage about the star, the party traveled to Habe’s Sanitorium, where the lone survivor of the first series of murders was being kept.

- The party was attacked by the survivor, who was suffering from the late stages of ghoul fever, but they subdued him, only to be attacked by a tenant of the sanitorium’s basement: a necromancer and his zombie fighters.

- They were also quickly dispatched, and both he and the survivor were both returned to Sandpoint, but not before finding more evidence in the necromancer’s basement lab.

Evidence found:
- A note at the first scene invited the victims to meet regarding a business opportunity. A note at the second scene seemed to be written by someone interested in Riona. Both were signed “His Lordship”.
- Footprints, claw marks, and flesh on an axe, as well as the condition of the survivor off the first murders, suggest that they were committed by an undead creature, possibly a ghoul or a ghast.
- The attacker in the lumber mill murders seemed to approach from the river, and escape in the same way.
- The partner of one of the victims suggested the deceased was embezzling money from the lumber mill’s owner, the Scarnetti family, and may have drawn their attention.
- The seven-pointed star is an ancient Thassilonian rune, used as both a symbol of seven schools of magic and the seven virtues, but was also corrupted into representing the seven sins.
- His Lordship left a message through Grayst Sevilla for Riona and the party to meet “the Pack” at the Misgivings, home of Foxglove Manor.
- a map found in the basement of the sanitorium suggested ghoul sightings in the southern farmlands and along Foxglove River, and there is the very strong possibility of a “ghoulish source” in the region.



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