Rise of the Runelords

Below Thistletop

Nualia, Orik, and the End of the Threat

- After defeating Ripnugget, party descended the stairs into the ruins below the goblin fortification on Thistletop.
- Discovered a chapel to Lamashtu, guarded by two Yeth Hounds who alerted the rest of the floor to their presence.
- Fought Nualia Tobyn’s henchmen, the wizard Lyrie and the bugbear Bruthazmus, along with Orik Vankaskerkin.
- Orik surrendered, and offered his assistance in defeating Nualia in exchange for his life.
- Party rested for the night in the rooms. Orik spoke with Kestral and Hogorsh.
- Down another floor, party found the remains of a statue that Kestral recognized as the ancient Runelord Karzoug.
- After avoiding a cage trap, party came upon Nualia Tobyn herself. With the help of Orik taking down her Yeth Hound, they defeated her and collected her journals and notes on the runewell beneath Sandpoint, as well as on Malfeshnekor, the demon trapped within the ruins.



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