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This is the page where I will collect various websites and locations where you may (or will) want to look at to enhance your gaming experience.

Handbooks & Digital Options
Normally I would split these into two separate categories, but Paizo, the publisher of Pathfinder, does such an amazing job with multimedia that discussing one is discussing all.

FIRST OFF: No matter what, I will request that you “purchase” the following two FREE pdfs, which are pamphlets created by Paizo to give the player information the races, classes, geography, and history that they would want for Rise of the Runelords:

Rise of the Runelords Players Guide
Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Players Guide

What’s In the Guides

While there are a few expansions available, there is only one book you’ll need to play Pathfinder: The Core Rulebook. This book has everything you will ever need to play the game, as well as information needed to run it should you ever decide to take a shot at GMing yourself.

These book is available in physical form at most gaming stores, as well as Barnes & Noble. Additionally, it’s available as a pdf on Paizo’s website for roughly $10.

Most importantly, as Pathfinder is an open-source game system, text versions of this, and all other, books are available FOR FREE on Paizo’s Reference Document page. While you could conceivably play Pathfinder without ever purchasing a book by using this page, even purchasing a pdf version of the Core book would be, in my opinion, a good thing to do, the RPG equivalent of a suggested donation.

Outside of those two books, and the PRD site has many other options available for players:
- While the Core Rulebook provides all the classes you’ll need, both the Advanced Player’s Guide, the Ultimate Combat guide, and the Ultimate Magic guide provide additional classes and, more interestingly, Class Archetypes. With these, you can change the features of all existing classes, resulting in dozens of new options to play your character. While I would suggest discretion with the classes in these books (some are very complex for beginning players), the archetypes are a blast to use.
- I would request that you avoid any new races it provides, but the Advanced Race Guide provides additional detail on all existing races, as well as new race-based feats and traits.
- Need help with your character background? The Ultimate Campaign Guide section, while mostly built for game masters, provide detailed assistance on Character Background, including character trait bonuses. The most fun part of this page? If you’re REALLY lost, or you want to stretch your roleplaying or creative-writing abilities, this section has a really fun Background Generator, giving you die tables to find your hometown, training, conflicts and other options. It’s kind of a blast to goof around with, and you might find something that you’d like to run with.

Character Sheet:
If possible, DOWNLOAD THIS PDF: Portrait Version

You’ll obviously be scribbling during the game, but if you want to keep your character sheets clean between each session, I cannot suggest that form, Mod Neceros’ fillable pdf sheet enough. It’s fillable (obviously), so while you have to do SOME of the math (attack and damage numbers), it will fill in everything else for you.

Additional Resources
- Want your own mini? If you want something a little nicer than a gemstone, marker, or Lego figure, The Source, Tower, Fantasy Flight, and numerous hobby shops sell miniatures. There are both official painted plastic figures as well as unpainted pewters for numerous fantasy games. They do require a little bit of gluing and run you between $3 and $6 on average. I have friends who would probably be willing to do some quality painting for you, as well, in exchange for a few bucks or possibly a bottle of something good.

- Reaper is an amazingly cool website if you want to buy a mini that you can’t find in stock in a physical store or want to order paint, kits, etc. They produce 90% of the fantasy minis on the market today, and give free shipping for orders over $25. They’re also the company that was behind the Bones Kickstarter campaign last year that was insanely successful, so they’ll be releasing some plastic minis from that line for even less than their pewters.

- Hasbro has recently released a series of D&D Kreos, which are their answer to Legos. There are very few options available at this point for minifigures, but if the series expands there may be more options in terms of races, genders, and classes. As of this writing I’ve only seen them at Toys R Us, but they may become available at Target, Walmart, or other areas soon.

- I try to have a lot of dice available, but many players have a lucky (or unlucky) set of their own. All of the above stores sell them in cubes, tubes, or in bulk. Tubes are about $8, and the good sets should give you three or four d6s, two d10s (for % rolls), and one each d4, d8, d12, and d20.

Additional Online Resources:
For character markers and bios, here are some places for good art:
Google: Type in your character race & class, select Image Search. Might have to broaden it out a bit, though (Gnomes vs. halflings, sorcerers vs wizards, etc)
DeviantArt: (ditto, but if you have a subscription you might have to be logged off in order to save the image)
Pinterest: (and ditto again).
Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor: A really good collection for female characters, someone decided to go around the internet and collect art, cosplay photos, etc, of women wearing fantasy gear that’s a little more than chainmail bikinis. Lots of awesome options.

Game Resources

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