Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop End
Shadows, Malfeshnekor, and a Message

- Discovered two secret doors: one leading to a flooded treasury, and another leading to a series of rooms:
– an old communications room where a magical image repeated an ancient message
– a surgical room containing the ancient bones of mutated humans
– the prison of Malfeshnekor, who the party defeated with ease
- After returning to Sandpoint, the party returned the kidnapped horse and turned in Orik Vankaskerkin, who was eventually released by the Sheriff thanks to his turn of heart and assistance in defeating Nualia Tobyn and Malfeshnekor.
- Sheriff Hemlock approached the party with a request to assist with a string of murders. The killer left a message for Riona.

Below Thistletop
Nualia, Orik, and the End of the Threat

- After defeating Ripnugget, party descended the stairs into the ruins below the goblin fortification on Thistletop.
- Discovered a chapel to Lamashtu, guarded by two Yeth Hounds who alerted the rest of the floor to their presence.
- Fought Nualia Tobyn’s henchmen, the wizard Lyrie and the bugbear Bruthazmus, along with Orik Vankaskerkin.
- Orik surrendered, and offered his assistance in defeating Nualia in exchange for his life.
- Party rested for the night in the rooms. Orik spoke with Kestral and Hogorsh.
- Down another floor, party found the remains of a statue that Kestral recognized as the ancient Runelord Karzoug.
- After avoiding a cage trap, party came upon Nualia Tobyn herself. With the help of Orik taking down her Yeth Hound, they defeated her and collected her journals and notes on the runewell beneath Sandpoint, as well as on Malfeshnekor, the demon trapped within the ruins.

Atop Thistletop
Goblins, Geckos, and Tetanus

Session Highlights:

- Kestral approached by Shayliss Vinder, younger sister of General Store owner. Asked for assistance in dealing with “goblin-sized rat” in the general store’s basement.
- Kestral offers help of group, but Shayliss turns down offer. Suspicious, group follows her back to store, but finds no evidence of giant rats or goblins.
- On to Thistletop, group makes their way through the Nettlewood Forest. Hogorsh finds some particularly bad thorns.
- Find a “door” into some denser thorns, in which passageways have been cut out. Follow the trail of a large, dragged object to the shore, where they find a bridge across to Thistletop, rigged to fall.
- On other side, group sneaks into fort. Hogorsh takes out two sleeping goblins, then runs into four goblin dogs.
- After party defeats dogs, they find an emaciated horse that Riona recognizes as one stolen from traveling merchants in Sandpoint. They feed horse and leave it behind to bring back later.
- Find stairs leading down into the island, and a secret door behind a toilet, hiding a treasure chest.
- Kestral picks lock, but triggers trap. Stabbed by rusty knife, gets tetanus, which will activate in x days.
- Find the throne room of the goblin’s leader (likely Ripnugget, the Thistletop tribe’s leader, according to Shalelu’s talk and Tsuto’s
journal. Group defeats him, his gecko mount, and his warchanter and commandos.

Beneath the Glassworks
Sinspawn, Runewells, and a Very Important Bone

- After handing over Tsuto Kaijitsu to the authorities, party decides the tunnel beneath the Glassworks is a more pressing concern than Nualia Tobyn at Thistletop.
- Traveling some distance through the dark tunnel, group comes upon an empty goblin campground in a cave on the coast before continuing on.
- After an attack by a sinspawn, the tunnel ends in some well-maintained ruins.
- Hogorsh finds a statue, which Kestral recognizes as Alaznist, an ancient Thassilonian Runelord. Hogorsh takes the statue’s ornamental weapon, and Kestral takes a rubbing of its book, decorated with a seven-pointed star.
- Take out two more sinspawn in an ancient prison chamber, where Hogorsh finds an extremely important bone.
- Delving further into a cathedral-like room, group meets the quasit mentioned in Tsuto’s journal, who is controlling a cauldron of glowing red liquid. She cuts herself, bleeding into the steaming liquid, which fades considerably as it produces a sinspawn.
- Party takes down sinspawn, a summoned giant centipede, and, after much blasting through her DR, the quasit. However, not knowing what else to do with the cauldron, they leave it untouched for now.
- Other findings include one stairwell leading down and another leading up, both blocked by rubble, and a spherical levitation room with crackling black rage and anger-themed runes, a Lamashtu prayer book, and a dead crow.
- After thoroughly exploring the ruins, group returns to the surface, where they gain more information from Father Zantus about the cauldron: a runewell, an ancient Thassilonian artifact. However, he is unable to say how to deactivate it, its methods lost to the centuries.

High Temperature
Goblins, Glass, and Someone Not Dead

- Group meets Shalelu Andosana, a ranger who explains that the goblins in the region seem to be aligning with a larger power
- Sheriff Hemlock takes a few guards with him to Magnimar to try to get more soldiers, and deputize the party while he’s gone.
- The next morning, group approached by halfling employee of Ameiko Kaijitsu, who explains that Ameiko has disappeared, leaving behind a note written by her brother, Tsuto.
- Note brings party to the Sandpoint Glassworks, where they find a group of goblins and numerous corpses, including that of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, owner of the Glassworks and Ameiko & Tsuto’s father.
- After defeating the goblins, party finds Tsuto in the basement. Taking him down and binding him, his journal reveals much information:
- He is working for Nualia Tobyn, who was thought to have died in the Sandpoint Cathedral fire.
- She has taken the remains of her adopted father and have sacrificed them to Lamashtu, and plans to burn Sandpoint to complete a ritual to turn her into a demon by using the goblins & creatures from below the Glassworks.
- Nualia is currently housed in Thistletop, a well-known goblin hideout.
- The party has two paths to choose: travel to Thistletop to stop Nualia, or explore the lower levels of the factory.

Around Sandpoint
Skeletons, Boars, & Family Troubles

Session Summary:

- Group joined by Laerwen Ruasan, elven bard
- Investigates broken-into tomb at Sandpoint Cathedral, fights skeletons, discovered remains of last priest have been taken by humanoid & goblins
- Takes Aldern Foxglove up on his offer to boar hunt
- While feasting at Rusty Dragon on boar, group intervenes in argument between owner Ameiko Kaijitsu and her father
- During argument, Kestral and Hogorsh investigate Aldern’s room, find no connection between himself and the stolen remains

Swallowtail Festival
Goblins Eat and Take By Force!


- Swallowtail Festival begins in earnest
- Riona does some shopping, Hogorsh and Kestral begin a rivalry
- Goblins attack!
- Kestral instakills the warchanter
- Group rescues Aldern Foxglove from a goblin dog, he thanks them and offers payment at a later date
- Three goblins captured. One killed, a second states they were hired by a “longshanks” to cause terror while they did some business at the graveyard.


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