Lonjiku Kaijitsu

Late Owner of Sandpoint Glassworks


Patron of the Kaijitsu family, a founding family of the Sandpoint Mercantile League, Lonjiku Kaijitsu owns the Sandpoint Glassworks, a glass-making factory on the edge of town. He is also the father of Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn.

The group first met Lonjiku after boar hunting with Aldern Foxglove. While dining at the Dragon, Lonjiku entered and started an argument with Ameiko, ordering her to return with him to Magnimar or be removed from his will. A fight nearly ensued, stopped only by Aric and Laerwen.

His son, Tsuto, blackmailed Lonjiku into helping him with the goblin raid on Sandpoint, and later used his involvement to lure has father to the Sandpoint Glassworks. Tsuto and his goblins ambushed Lonjiku, murdering him and putting his body on display, encased in glass.

Following his death, Ameiko is now the sole inheritor of the Lonjiku family.


Lonjiku Kaijitsu

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