Aldern Foxglove

Rescued Noble


A nobleman from Magnimar, Aldern Foxglove has traveled to Sandpoint for various business dealings, as well as to take in the Swallowpoint Festival. He was, however, caught up in the goblin raid on the festival, and saved from certain death by the players.

Grateful for the rescue, Aldern offers the group a boar hunt, as well as a feast afterwards. Unfortunately for him, he arouses suspicion among members of the party, who believed the newcomer may have had a role to play in the attack, as well as in the subsequent sacking of the Sandpoint Cathedral graveyard following.

Their worries are put to rest, however, when Hogorsh and Kestral investigate his room at the Rusty Dragon during the fight between Ameiko and Lonjiku Kaijitsu.

Aldern Foxglove

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