Rise of the Runelords

Beneath the Glassworks

Sinspawn, Runewells, and a Very Important Bone

- After handing over Tsuto Kaijitsu to the authorities, party decides the tunnel beneath the Glassworks is a more pressing concern than Nualia Tobyn at Thistletop.
- Traveling some distance through the dark tunnel, group comes upon an empty goblin campground in a cave on the coast before continuing on.
- After an attack by a sinspawn, the tunnel ends in some well-maintained ruins.
- Hogorsh finds a statue, which Kestral recognizes as Alaznist, an ancient Thassilonian Runelord. Hogorsh takes the statue’s ornamental weapon, and Kestral takes a rubbing of its book, decorated with a seven-pointed star.
- Take out two more sinspawn in an ancient prison chamber, where Hogorsh finds an extremely important bone.
- Delving further into a cathedral-like room, group meets the quasit mentioned in Tsuto’s journal, who is controlling a cauldron of glowing red liquid. She cuts herself, bleeding into the steaming liquid, which fades considerably as it produces a sinspawn.
- Party takes down sinspawn, a summoned giant centipede, and, after much blasting through her DR, the quasit. However, not knowing what else to do with the cauldron, they leave it untouched for now.
- Other findings include one stairwell leading down and another leading up, both blocked by rubble, and a spherical levitation room with crackling black rage and anger-themed runes, a Lamashtu prayer book, and a dead crow.
- After thoroughly exploring the ruins, group returns to the surface, where they gain more information from Father Zantus about the cauldron: a runewell, an ancient Thassilonian artifact. However, he is unable to say how to deactivate it, its methods lost to the centuries.



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