Rise of the Runelords

Atop Thistletop

Goblins, Geckos, and Tetanus

Session Highlights:

- Kestral approached by Shayliss Vinder, younger sister of General Store owner. Asked for assistance in dealing with “goblin-sized rat” in the general store’s basement.
- Kestral offers help of group, but Shayliss turns down offer. Suspicious, group follows her back to store, but finds no evidence of giant rats or goblins.
- On to Thistletop, group makes their way through the Nettlewood Forest. Hogorsh finds some particularly bad thorns.
- Find a “door” into some denser thorns, in which passageways have been cut out. Follow the trail of a large, dragged object to the shore, where they find a bridge across to Thistletop, rigged to fall.
- On other side, group sneaks into fort. Hogorsh takes out two sleeping goblins, then runs into four goblin dogs.
- After party defeats dogs, they find an emaciated horse that Riona recognizes as one stolen from traveling merchants in Sandpoint. They feed horse and leave it behind to bring back later.
- Find stairs leading down into the island, and a secret door behind a toilet, hiding a treasure chest.
- Kestral picks lock, but triggers trap. Stabbed by rusty knife, gets tetanus, which will activate in x days.
- Find the throne room of the goblin’s leader (likely Ripnugget, the Thistletop tribe’s leader, according to Shalelu’s talk and Tsuto’s
journal. Group defeats him, his gecko mount, and his warchanter and commandos.



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